Be vocal about supporting local.

How to show your love for the places you love.

Tip a little more.

Adding a little more to your tips helps the service workers in your community pay it forward to other local businesses. Whether you’re carrying out, picking up curbside or getting your hair cut, giving a little more goes a long way these days.

Learn something from a local.

Taking a virtual class from a local business is a terrific way to stay connected to your community and support your hometown economy at a safe distance. Neighborhood restaurants, gyms and all sorts of businesses are offering virtual learning today.

Give new meaning to deep cleaning.

The depths of winter are the perfect time for some deep cleaning. Take rugs, comforters, curtains and other big stuff to your neighborhood laundromat or dry cleaner. You’ll be supporting a local business and getting down to business on your cleaning checklist.

Get your New Year’s Eve to go.

Grab a curbside 6-pack of something special from your local microbrewery. Or stop by your go-to restaurant for a do-it-yourself drink kit. You can go all out to support your favorite local businesses without having to go out to ring in the New Year.

Show some love for your coworkers’ communities.

Just because Secret Santa and cookie exchanges aren’t happening at work doesn’t mean you can’t share holiday cheer with a coworker. Surprise them and support their communities by having a shop in their hometown deliver a gift right to their home.

Discover lots of new locals.

Pick at least one day every week to show your support for a different local business. Grab curbside from a restaurant you haven’t tried. Online shop from a new-to-you hometown store. Take something to a neighborhood service and repair shop you’ve never used.

Shop your hometown from your home.

We’ve made it easy to search for and shop from hundreds of local businesses from around the state.


Pick up some holiday meal sides curbside.

Complement your holiday cooking with some local flavor. Grabbing an appetizer, fully cooked side dish, delicious pie or anything else from your favorite hometown food stop will take a little work off your plate and add a little love to theirs.

Give the gift of local with a gift card.

Giving family and friends local gift cards is a win-win way to show love. You get to introduce your favorite people to your favorite places and your favorite places get the support they need to keep giving you the things you love.

Give the gift that’s free: your time.

One of the best gifts you can give this year is you. Run an errand for a housebound friend. Surprise a neighbor by shoveling some snow. Offer to add another dog to your walk. The gift of time is free for you and priceless for them.

Make it a one-for-one holiday shopping year.

This holiday season, for every gift you purchase from an out-of-town place, buy one from a shop in your hometown. Just imagine the local impact you’ll make when half the gifts you give also give something back to your community.

Send sweets to your sweetheart.

Sending a little love to the ones you love is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation for local businesses, too. Just call or click to get candy, baked goods or flowers delivered from a hometown shop to the homes of those who mean the most to you.

Give shout outs on social.

Follow the neighborhood businesses you love on social media and show your support with shout outs. You’ll introduce all your followers to all your local favorites and help create new fans who can bring even more business to your community.

Use your search bar to search local.

Add “near me” to your online searches. You’ll be surprised how many of the things you’re looking for are available from nearby places. It’s a great way to get the stuff you need and help give businesses in your community what they need to stay strong.

Experience the experiential side of your town.

You can help the organizations that make up the heart of your town by pre-buying passes, tickets or memberships. Just think of the fun your family will have in the theaters, museums, zoos and other places that make where you live a one-of-a-kind experience.

Make your resolutions really count this year.

Want to work out? Choose a local gym or buy a bike from a nearby shop. Wish to update your look? Stop by that Main Street boutique you’ve always wanted to visit. Whatever changes you want to make, you can help change a local business for the better, too.

Make a staycation an incredible vacation.

Choose a theme a day, then look for local places to bring it to life. Like the beach? Buy a tarp and some sand from the hardware store. The city? Grab a coffee to go and do some window shopping on Main Street. Adventure? Map out an epic neighborhood hike.

Find a local store for your décor.

The best time to spruce your home up is when you’re spending more time at home. A painting, lamp or objet d’art from a neighborhood shop is Instagram-worthy today and conversation-ready tomorrow. Plus, it provides a much-appreciated boost to a local business.


Find something you think a nearby friend would like on a local shop or restaurant website? Text the link to them. It’s a simple way to show friends you’re thinking of them and a great way to be a friend to local businesses, too.

Get on the list to get in-the-know.

Many local businesses have email or mailing lists, or even frequent shopper cards. Be sure to sign up so you’re in-the-know of special deals and announcements. You’ll get more of the stuff you want from more of the places that need your business the most.

Be the best ad a business ever had.

If your favorite local business offers something with their logo on it, wear it or display it. Proudly showing your love for local will encourage others to do the same, bringing more attention and business to the places that make your community one-of-a-kind.

Plan for some near-future fun.

If you know your kids are going to do things like karate, music or dance lessons in the near future, why not pay for it in advance if you can swing it? You’ll help a local business move forward through a tough time and have something fun to look forward to.

Deliver a menu that offers delivery.

Not everyone realizes all the local restaurants that deliver or offer curbside pickup in your area. So share your favorite delivery or take-home menus on social media to help out your neighbors and the restaurants in your neighborhood.

Go old-school with your thank you.

Sending a handwritten thank you card to a local business is a meaningful way to show your gratitude for all they’re doing. Encourage them to share it on their social channels so others know they should give their business to your favorite business.

Get your Etsy finds from your fellow Wisconsinites.

After you search for an item on Etsy, click on Filter or All Filters, scroll down to Shop Location, then type Wisconsin in the Enter Location box. It’s great way to support local artisans and get your one-of-a-kind finds from your No. 1 state.

Turn a “me” day into a “we” day.

The perfect way to warm up a cold Wisconsin winter day is taking a little time to do something just for yourself. Whatever “me time” means to you can also be “we time” for your community if you get the day’s necessities from local businesses.

Keep your family and the heart of your community warm.

Get your family outside to enjoy all the fun, safe activities a Wisconsin winter offers. But this year, shop for your cold weather gear from a local shop to keep your family warm while also warming the hearts of local business owners.

Maintain your home and your local economy.

Did you know your furnace should be serviced at least once a year? Calling in a local pro to do the work will keep everything in tip-top shape for winter and also help keep a business in your area in tip-top shape for the future.

Get your new bike ready for the new year.

If you found a love for riding bikes this past summer, show your new bike and local bike shop some love by getting a tune up in winter when business is slower. You’ll be ready to go when the weather warms and help keep a local business going, too.

Make an impact for impacted workers.

Many local non-profit organizations are helping workers who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. If you’re considering making a charitable donation this year, consider supporting an organization that’s caring for impacted workers in your community.

Little things mean a lot.

There are lots of simple ways you can support local businesses during the pandemic. You can buy stuff from a neighborhood shop. Give social shoutouts to your favorite places. Or just tip a bit more when you can. The little things you do make a big difference and make you a hero in your own hometown. Got your own ideas for community support during COVID? Share them on social using #WeAreAllIn.