When we’re all in,
we all win.

We're All In Wisconsin Sign

We’re all in this together.

In Wisconsin, it’s in our nature to do right by our friends and neighbors. Our health and our economy have never been more connected than they are today. We’re All In is an initiative based on the idea that to move forward, we need to have each other’s backs. Adjusting our behavior isn’t just the surest way to slow the spread of COVID-19, but the smartest way to get our economy back on track. So as we navigate through these times, let’s remember that the actions of one can affect many. Let’s continue to do good for the greater good. And let’s never forget that in Wisconsin we’re all in this together.

How are you showing love for the places you love?

There are all sorts of ways to support local businesses during COVID. Here are little things that can mean a lot to your community.

Tip a little more.

Adding a little more to your tips helps the service workers in your community pay it forward to other local businesses. Whether you’re carrying out, picking up curbside or getting your hair cut, giving a little more goes a long way these days.

Learn something from a local.

Taking a virtual class from a local business is a terrific way to stay connected to your community and support your hometown economy at a safe distance. Neighborhood restaurants, gyms and all sorts of businesses are offering virtual learning today.

Give new meaning to deep cleaning.

The depths of winter are the perfect time for some deep cleaning. Take rugs, comforters, curtains and other big stuff to your neighborhood laundromat or dry cleaner. You’ll be supporting a local business and getting down to business on your cleaning checklist.


Give a shoutout to the places you care about.

The Shoutout Generator is a generous way to generate goodwill for the businesses doing good in your neighborhood. Simply pick a design, write in their name and post on your social channels.

See who’s all in.


Join in.


Spread the word instead of the virus by showing how you’re doing your part.


Window Sign

Share why you’re all in and encourage neighbors to be, too.


Facebook Frame

Add a We’re All In frame to your profile photo to show your support.


Six simple things you can do to keep enjoying what you do:

Wear a Mask

The ultimate expression of smiling on the inside.

Keep it snug over your mouth and nose; the less you readjust or remove it, the more effective it will be.

Stay Socially Distant

Now you’ll really stand out in a crowd.

Keeping six feet of distance between you and others helps keep the virus from spreading during everyday interactions.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Staying healthy and clean hands go hand-in-hand.

Soap and water need 20 seconds to kill or wash away any virus; hand sanitizer needs to dry completely.

Keep Gatherings Small

Now you’ll really stand out in a crowd.

The fewer people you interact with and the less time you spend in crowds, the less likely the virus is to spread.

Sanitize Surfaces

Help wipe out the virus by just wiping.

A disinfecting wipe or soap and water daily is all it takes to keep the virus off things like phones and doorknobs.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Why mess with perfection?

Keeping any virus that may be on your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes lessens your chance of infection.

We’ve got this.

We Are All In - For Our Businesses

For Our Businesses

We’re all in because we’re all connected. The businesses in our local communities are depending on us.

We Are All In - For Each Other

For Each Other

Let’s keep each other healthy and safe, so we can get back to the people, things and activities we love.

We Are All In - For Our Communities

For Our Communities

It doesn’t matter where in Wisconsin you live—it’s the things we do that make us who we are. We’re all in for a heathy and safe Wisconsin.